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Got a ticket?

If you have received a traffic ticket, you may be eligible to take Defensive Driving to have the ticket dismissed.

If the ticket goes on your driving record, your car insurance rates will increase.

Ticket Dismissal

Contact the court and ask for permission to take Defensive Driving. Contact information is on your ticket.

They will ask you to come to the Courthouse Customer Service Counter and pay a portion of the fine.

They will provide you with a permission letter to take the course.

take the course

Take the Defensive Driving/Ticket Dismissal Course ONLINE.

You can take the 6 hour course on any device with internet access. You can start and stop as you please.

When completed, the ONLINE course provider will issue you a Completion Certificate.

Present your Completion Certificate to the Court and your ticket will be dismissed.

register now

When you are ready to register, click on the link below and follow the easy process.

Course Tuition - $25

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